The Book

We are happy to announce that “Itinerant Painter”, the book chronicling the life and artistic career of Virginia Jacobs McLaughlin which has been ‘in the works’ for over five years, is now in print.

The 112-page hard cover publication that I had the pleasure of working on with Virginia was designed by Cristy Stup and photographed by Virginia’s son, Salyer. Seeing it in print is the culmination of hopes, dreams, and hard work (which often didn’t seem like work at all) by a team of professionals I would collaborate with again in a heartbeat.

In addition to creating an historic and artistic legacy with the murals she has painted, Virginia continues to give back through this book. The net proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to a scholarship fund established by Virginia to help women in need who want to study art at Stephens College, the University of Missouri, and schools in the Frederick, Maryland area.

Knowing Virginia has been a gift. Working with her as been an inspiration—every day.